Real Christmas Day

It's Christmas time again they say -- 
Shop now and herald in the day
Of tinsel bright, and bells that chime, 
Of Santa and his chimney climb,
Of mistletoe and drifts of show,
Of presents trimmed each with its bow,
Of stockings, wreaths, and Christmas trees,
As food and music tempt and please.

If Christmas means no more than these
Would we give thanks on bended knees?
For Him who blessed us with His birth,
And life as man upon this earth;
He gave us all He had to give; 
He taught us how we each should live;
So what shall we this season give--
To show Him we've learned how to live?

Let us give peace and love and joy,
These don't break like a child's toy;
Let's give the gospel's timeless gift,
So the lonely spirits we can life,
So their inner wounds can heal,
So part of our family they can feel;
Give ourselves to others in Christ's way -- 
And make it a real Christmas Day.

–Jacqueline Parentis, 1987


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