Happy President’s Day 2009

I don’t have a lot to say in this post but I wanted to post quickly to pay tribute to the presidents that we honor today. Currently our country is in a state of what is commonly called an economic crisis. In the halls of government, self-serving politicians cast the blame for our problems on those in the other party. Empty calls for bipartisanship and cooperation fall on deaf ears and at times it seems that the country simply slips farther and farther out of control.

In the midst of these troubling times, I thank God for raising up righteous God-fearing men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to lead the country through its difficult times. These men, though imperfect, were great examples to modern-day Americans of self-sacrifice, honesty, integrity, and desire only to serve the good of their country and its God-given liberty. In our modern times, may we follow their example and honor them by looking to the “father of lights” and importune him to guide our country and its leaders.


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  1. beka08 Avatar

    oh i thought you were going to pay tribute to your amazing beautiful sister! haha just kidding 🙂 have a good day

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