A Father’s Importance

I was watching the news tonight and saw this clip. Every night recently NBC Nightly news has been doing a series entitled “Making a Difference.” Most of the stories they talk about are happy stories about humanitarians or people trying to make their community a better place. Tonight’s message, however, was a telling commentary on our society. It talks about a boy wanting his father and the importance of having a father figure in the home. The boy’s school principle has a very telling quote in the clip. She says, “A young man who is trying to define what it means to be a man and really enter into his manhood, his father would have said to him, ‘Son, this is what it means to be a man: be a person of character, respect yourself and respect others.’”

This is such an interesting thing to have a major news organization show. I hope that the message portrayed in this clip actually does reflect the belief of the majority of Americans because it reflects mine. How can a society that believes this way about the importance of having a father for an African American boy even consider allowing homosexual individuals to marry and raise children? If the benefits of having a father in the home are so dramatic, why does the country get so upset when we “infringe the rights” of homosexuals to marry? The facts are plain. Marriage between a man and a woman is important because of the vital role that a father and a mother play in the development and rearing of their children.


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