And Here We Go Again

Let it die. Just let it die. As difficult as this may sound, letting the American car industry just die would be better than what our radical president has done. I was very concerned today when I heard that President Obama had fired the chairman of General Motors. The most distressing thing about this is that I was not surprised at all when I heard the news. What is really happening and what kind of a statement is the president really making when he fires a chief executive. I think it is several fold.

First I think it is a gesture of no confidence in the ability of American’s to fix their own problems. The CEO may have been corrupt, he may have been unwise, it may be a good thing to have him gone from the company but it is not the federal government’s job to remove him. Why, you may ask, is it not within the realm of the government to do this? It’s quite simple actually. If you or I do not like the owner of the local grocery store because he sells things at an inflated cost and simply doesn’t do business as well as the new store down the street, we have no right to march down to the store and force him to leave his job. That would be preposterous. We simply would never do that. Why then do we feel that it is our job to fix the auto industry. If they can’t compete, let them die.

Second, I think it shows arrogance on the part of the government–the entire government. Not only the president is to blame, nor can we pin the blame on one party or the other. Why does the government assume that simply because they are in a position of power that they have the ability to direct the affairs of industry. They may think that they have good ideas and their rhetoric may sound good on television and in the news, but that does not qualify them to spend our money because we want to avoid the penalties of our own actions.

As I’ve written before, this whole thing smacks of extreme socialism leading toward the moster of comunism. This administration ran on a platform of change. Well that is not a new thing. Others have run on that platform before and society has been damaged greatly by the radical changes misguided leaders have made.


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  1. Parkers Avatar

    I noticed this link on Jeff and Ruth’s blog– glad to see you in the blog-o-sphere. Also, happy birthday!

  2. Tammy Avatar

    Nicely put. I feel the same way about the car industry. It’s a shame that the government is all wrapped up in these companies.

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