Adam T. Arnesen



  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
    • BS Electrical Engineering – 2009, GPA: 3.66/4.0
    • MS Computer Engineering – 2011, GPA: 3.88/4.0

Course Work

  • ECEn 620 – Advanced Digital Logic Design
  • ECEn 621 – Computer Arithmetic
  • ECEn 625 – Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits
  • ECEn 629 – Reconfigurable Computing Systems
  • ECEn 682 – Medical Imaging Signals & Systems
  • ECEn 550 – MEMS
  • ECEn 522R – Computer System Reliability
  • ECEn 451 – Digital VLSI
  • ECEn 427 – Embedded Systems
  • ECEn 450 – Semiconductor Devices
  • ECEn 452 – Experiments in IC Development

Work and Other Experience

  • Staff Software Engineer at National Instruments (Apr’11 – Present)
    • Developing advanced compiler software for the LabVIEW FPGA Platform.
    • Recruiting and interviewing college graduates and students for intern and full-time positions.
    • Working with industry and academic partners as part of the NSF Center for High Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC)
  • Research Assistant at BYU Configurable Computing Lab (Nov ’07 – Apr’11)
    • Developed automatic interface and timing synthesis tools for software radio.
    • Researched and developed XML schema for describing temporal behavior of IP cores.
    • Participated in NSF Center for High Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC) including presentations in annual and semi-annual meetings.
  • Software Engineer III – Intern at National Instruments (May ’10 – Apr’11)
    • Developed and prototyped cutting-edge compiler technology for LabVIEW FPGA.
  • Executive Board Member and Webmaster at Student-Provo City Alliance (July ’09 – June ’11)
    • Participated in writing incorporation documents to obtain legal non-profit status.
    • Designed and maintained website.
    • Produced and published voter guide for municipal elections including video.
  • Full-time Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (May ’04 – May ’06)
    • Worked daily teaching in the Tagalog language
    • Built a statistics collection and analysis tool as Assistant to the President.
    • Supervised and regularly trained 200 other missionaries.



  • A. Arnesen, “Increasing Design Productivity for FPGAs Through Intellectual Property Reuse and Meta-Data Encapsulation,” M.S. Thesis, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 2011

Conference Proceedings

  • N. Rollins, A. Arnesen, and M. Wirthlin, “An XML schema for Representing Reuable IP Cores for Reconfigurable Computing,” in Proceedings of the National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON 2008), July 2008. (Available Here)
  • A. Arnesen, N. Rollins, and M. Wirthlin, “A Multi-Layered XML Schema and Design Tool for Reusing and Integrating FPGA IP,” in 19th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2009), August 2009. (Available Here)
  • A. Arnesen, K. Ellsworth, D. Gibelyou, T. Haroldsen, J. Havican, M. Padilla, B. Nelson, M. Rice, M. Wirthlin, “Increasing Design Productivity Through Core Reuse, Meta-Data Encapsulation, and Synthesis,” Proc. of 20th International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2010), September 2010. (Available Here)


  • A. Arnesen, “Meta-data and Interface Synthesis Techniques for Improving Design Productivity in Reconfigurable Computing,” in proceedings of the Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium, May 2010. (Available Here)
  • A. Arnesen,“Meta-Data-Enabled Reuse of Dataflow IntellectualProperty for FPGAs,”in proceedings of the Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium,May 2011 (Available Here)

Special Skills and Technical Qualifications

  • LabVIEW (FPGA)
  • VHDL and Verilog
  • C# and .NET
  • Java Programming
  • C++
  • IP-XACT and extensions
  • XML/XML Schema
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Matlab and Simulink
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Certified Novell Administrator (NW5)
  • Read, Write, and Speak Tagalog (Filipino)

Honors and Awards

  • Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Fellowship – $2000 / semester
  • IEEE Student Paper Competition 3rd Place Mountain Region
  • Eagle Scout – 3 palms
  • National Merit Scholar
  • 2002 American Legion Boys’ Nation Senator

Volunteer and Extra Curricular Experience

  • IEEE BYU Student Branch Chair
  • BYU Men’s Chorus and Concert Choir (5 years)
  • Lifetime Church Service
  • BSA Engineering Merit Badge Counselor
  • Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair Judge
  • Future City Competition Judge
  • BSA Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster

A PDF of my resume is available here.

Last updated: 1-6-14