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  • Daily Scripture Study

    Daily Scripture Study

    The Arnesen family tradition of early morning scripture study, established by the parents, ingrained the importance of scriptures in their children. Despite initial resistance, the consistency of this practice had a profound impact. Today, the tradition continues in the next generation, with nightly scripture readings becoming a significant part of the family routine. This practice…

  • Home-Centered Gospel Learning

    Home-Centered Gospel Learning

    Sarah and I were asked to speak about our experiences learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home for our church meetings. We have both tried to raise our own families in the same way, with some variations. In the forthcoming weeks, we’ll share sections from our talks, and welcome feedback and extensions to…

  • Strengthening Faith in Jesus Christ

    Strengthening Faith in Jesus Christ

    I hope that we will not wait for the Austin temple to be dedicated before we choose to increase that focus. It may seem like it will be “easier” to attend the temple when it is close – but it will not be. Proximity to the temple does not make it easier.

  • A small epiphany on Jesus Christ and Repentance

    A small epiphany on Jesus Christ and Repentance

    Repentance isn’t what covers the sins — Christ covers the sins. We are trying to become something — like the Savior. A note I took during church I like to take notes while I listen to people speak in church. It helps me to focus and often I find myself learning something as I jot…

  • Faith and Repentance

    Faith and Repentance

    The Daily Covenant Path – Given on 22 Aug 2021 Brothers and Sisters, I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to you today. I am grateful for the wonderful family that we have here in this ward! Sarah and I are so thankful for all that you do to bless our family, to serve…

  • A Sacred Home

    A Sacred Home

    The front room of our house looks like an ordinary front room that you may find in any number of homes. It has some moderately comfortable couches, a second hand piano that the kids practice on somewhat diligently, and some standard Ikea furniture. It was just another room in our home until a few weeks…