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  • 2023 Annular Eclipse

    2023 Annular Eclipse

    I’ve been preparing for a while to try to get some good photos of the sun. For the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, I took a trip down to Corpus Christi, Texas to make sure I was on the center line of the annularity. Here are some of the photos that I got…

  • Christmas Eve 1968

    Christmas Eve 1968

    On December 24, 1968 the crew of Apollo 8 were about to come back to earth after being the first humans to orbit the moon. As they came around the moon they caught this beautiful image of the earth rising above the horizon of the moon. As they approached their final lunar sunrise before returning…

  • NASA’s Future Space Capsule

    NASA’s Future Space Capsule

    I saw this today and thought it was interesting. I’ve been really interested lately in the progress of SpaceX, a private space company. I’ve been a bit leery of private companies going into space because I’ve followed NASA for so long but I think they really may have something here. I like some things about this new…

  • Newly Discovered Planet has Potential for Life

    Newly Discovered Planet has Potential for Life

    I saw this clip on Nightly News last night and I thought it was interesting! We aren’t alone in the universe and now perhaps our nearest neighbors are closer than we thought. And here’s the continuation!

  • Water on the Moon!

    Water on the Moon!

    This is some of the most exciting news that I’ve seen on the space front in a while! For those of you who know me well, you know that I am passionate about manned space exploration and I hope that the Ares project will be able to continue and will get funding from the government…