Don’t Walk on the Grass!


The campus of Brigham Young University (BYU) is one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States. The grounds crew works tirelessly to plant flowers, sweep the sidewalks, rake the leave, shovel the show and keep the campus looking amazing! Unfortunately there is a sub-culture at BYU that for some reason often decides that their own busy schedule and personal need for speed is more important than helping to preserve the beautiful nature of our campus.  The picture in this post shows newly laid sod in front of the engineering building.  Before this new sod was laid last week, there was an ugly, packed dirt, scar running through the lawn. This scar was created by students who were in so much of a hurry that they decided they’d rather cut through the lawn than walk the extra 15 feet to take the sidewalk. I have watched people coming into and leaving the building who walk through this grass as though it was meant to be walked on! They don’t realize that the lawn is there to make things look good! I don’t have a problem with walking on grass if you’re going to sit on it and study, but using it as an alternative to the sidewalk seems lazy and inconsiderate.

My favorite thing I’ve seen with this lawn problem was a few hours after the sod was laid.  A student came out of the clyde, noticed that new grass had been put down, and then very courteously walked just to the left of the new grass rather than walk on the newly laid sod! Does he not realize that it’s people like that that required that the sod be laid in the first place! You can see the end result of this kind of carelessness. Now everyone that walks into that building, rather than see a beautiful lawn, has to deal with caution tape to keep people off the grass!

Ok, that being said, I’ll try to say something a bit more nice about Thanksgiving later this week!